Does Crawley need a dedicated market place? Too late. 😄

Christmas is over, you have obsolete gadgets haphazardly placed collecting dust while you browse the Web on your latest device. Wondering what you should do with your old tech, right?

If you are nodding along while reading then Atrove is the right place for you as we offer free classified ads for Crawley.

Why just Crawley?

The creators of Atrove both live locally and believe with the strong online local communities such as spotted Crawley and Crawley happy times there is room for a niche classified listing site dedicated to the town.

We are passionate about delivering the best experience for our users and hope this will help us become the first place people think of to sell or buy locally.

Still reading? Signing up couldn’t be any easier, if you have Facebook you can login with your account, if not you can create an account on Atrove in under a minute.

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with a my dashboard page. Click the post ad button to create your first advert or click for sale in Crawley to view, make an offer or ask a question on a listing.

The website flow has been built to be intuitive but I’ll create a blog post dedicated to how to use Atrove like a pro and begin making money selling unused items.

How are we solving the chicken & egg problem?

The chicken and egg problem is what came first, the chicken or the egg? Similarly with no adverts on Atrove, no one will come to use the site. So we are teaming up with friends and family who have kindly advertised items that they no longer really use to get us started.

What’s the future for Atrove?

First blog post and already thinking about the future, we don’t just want to offer classified ads, we want to offer business listings as you may want a tradesman that operates in Crawley or maybe you’re looking for job locally, or looking for a room to rent in Crawley we have a large list of improvements but first we will do one thing and do it well and that’s offering classified ads for the people of Crawley and it’s free to use.

Well that’s it, welcome to Atrove and the start of a thriving new community and now…

Create your free account and post some ads! 🙌

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