Post an ad on Atrove, the obligatory getting started guide

A quick overview of how to get on Atrove and post an item for sale. It’s easy to get started to join Crawley’s only dedicated classified ad site and create your first ad so I’ve put this guide together for you.

For those that are too cool to read, I have a gif showing just how simple Atrove is to create an account.

Atrove login

If you have a Facebook account, log in here by clicking the big blue log in with Facebook button. If you are already logged into facebook you will log straight into Atrove like the gif above shows.

If you don’t have a facebook account you can sign up the traditional way by clicking the I don’t have an account link under the log in button.

πŸ’₯ Boom, you’re in.πŸ™Œ

This is your dashboard and overview of your adverts, and the messages you will receive. You can also add a profile image, edit your details or change your password on the My details tab.

Atrove dashboard

Posting an item for sale

Let’s create your first advert, click on the green post a new advert button, you can’t miss it. Also, have the blue Button or the green one top right. πŸ˜‰

You will be redirected to the post advert screen, shown below you’re now 3 sections away from having your item for sale.

post an Item for sale in Crawley

Selling an item on Atrove is simple and quick as you can see from the image above. I’ll break it down in bullet points

  1. Title: make sure your title is descriptive and includes the keywords that you expect a buyer to search for.
  2. Price: you have a price in mind, set it here.
  3. Description: not everyone has time to write a detailed description but you should include the condition of the item, details relevant to the item that is not obvious from the pictures
  4. Categories: are important and help people find your item you should try and set the correct category.
  5. Pictures: anything is going to be a tough sell without pictures, make sure you add some, can add pictures

That’s it 5 steps, smash that post ad buttonπŸ‘

Your advert is now created.πŸ™Œ

Promoting your advert

Head to your ads detail page, you can get there from your dashboard and click on the ad. Once on the detail page, you can share your ad on several social media sites.

Social Media share icons are below the profile image in the screenshot below. Sharing the link to your item for sale helps spread the word of your ad and will increase the chance of someone snapping it up so get sharing.

Buyer interaction

There are two ways a buyer can interact with you and your item.

Questions and Offers.

Anyone with an account can ask questions this is public so people can see what questions have been asked, it will save you answering the same questions over and over again.

Offers, if a buyer sends an offer you will be notified of a new message, this will show in your messages tab on the dashboard. You can now privately chat with a potential buyer and hopefully sell your item and make that extra cash.

Editing an Advert

You may want to edit your pictures or details on your advert you can do this from your dashboard on the ad tab click the green edit button to edit the ad. Works the same as posting an ad.

That’s it, get selling! Don’t forget to tell us how awesome your experience is with Atrove.

Hope this helps ❀️

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