Selling Safely

How to avoid scams and stay safe when using Atrove.

At Atrove we loathe anyone who tries to trick or scam others, we monitor messages for your safety and will investigate if we suspect a scammer has been found. We may not be able to find them in time but here are some red flags that you should look for:

Receive payment before posting your item

We suggest meeting in person to exchange items and money at the same time, but if someone suggest using an online payment service make sure it's secure. With the green padlock in the url bar and check you receive the money in your bank before posting the item to the buyer.

Also don't feel pressured into sending an item if the potential buyer insists that payment has been made and that you send the item now, again don't send a thing unless the funds have cleared in your bank account.

Staying safe when meeting buyers

We suggest meeting in a public place and bringing a friend along or at least tell someone where you are going. If meeting at night make sure the place is well lit and people are around. Also be wary of meeting people who insist on a remote location or coming alone.

Receive cash before parting with the item

Make sure you receive the money before handing over the item. If the buyer wants the item to look at or test we suggest you do this and show them what they want to see. This will help reduce the chance that they will just run off without payment. Also do not agree to part payments as you will most likely never see the other half of the money.

Use our messaging system

We suggest using Atrove's messaging instead of email or text messaging. Our system will flag suspicious messages which may contain links to money transfer sites, we can then give advice to you or block the potential scammer so they can't continue to operate.

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