About Atrove

We are new! Our aim is to help you sell unwanted items instead of throwing them out or to give you the opportunity to find and buy items that need a new home. We strive to do this by providing an excellent user experience, making Atrove really simple and easy to use. It's free too!

Founded in 2018 by Liam Kenneth and Anthony Bianue. Atrove was initially planned in December the year before and was only for learning and improving programming skills but after planning and research we decided there is a good chance of success as a business and room for one more classified listing site in Crawley. So we teamed up to deliver a quality MVP to launch early 2019.

Our plan is to become the one stop for everything. We will be continuously improving the website after launch and will be adding new features and fixes every month.

We love feedback

Hello, is anyone there? We can't do this without you. We would love to hear of any comments, feedback, ideas or questions you have about Atrove. We take our users seriously and will give you what you want.

Send us your feedback via email or hit us up on one of our social networks below.

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